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What We’re Reading–Angel Bait

Urban Fantasy At Its Finest

Action, thrills, snark, love…Tricia Skinner’s debut novel ANGEL BAIT has it all.

book coverThe first story in what is sure to be a fierce and fabulous urban fantasy series, ANGEL BAIT transports us to a gritty Detroit where humans co-exist with a variety of preternatural creatures–shifters, vampires, angels, demons, and of course, the nephilim, Heaven’s half-human, half-angel assassins.

The author’s tight plot, great pacing and world building sink the reader deep into this dark world where we meet nephilim Jarrid, one hot badass alpha male who doesn’t know what hits him when he teams up with Ionie, a smart, tough-as-nails female journalist. Their sexual tension sizzles and adds a satisfying layer to the overall story (sorry, no plot spoilers here).

The rest of the cast of characters–both good guys and bad guys–are as well-drawn as the hero and heroine. With unique voices and personalities they add a richness and depth to every scene. Solid and natural dialogue and delicious twists and turns in the plot kept me turning pages as did the action scenes, each one well-choreographed and vivid.

To read this urban fantasy goodness for yourself, you can find ANGEL BAIT on Amazon.com.

For more information on author Tricia Skinner, visit her Web site or follow her on Twitter.

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40 thoughts on “What We’re Reading–Angel Bait

  1. I do love shifters because they are different and part animal^^ i love to see how they have more honour than simple human despite their difference. now i also must add historicals undead ^^ i love them since i’ve discovered then in Sentinels of New orleans series, why? because most of them are part of the american history not mine ( safe jean ^^ who was a little near my country at a time)so i’m leraning with them and i really like to go check in teh dictonary or the encyclopédy

    Since the giveaway is US only don’t enter me ( though i would have loved to win lexi george book 2 or 3 that are on my wishlsit^^)

    • Hi Miki,
      Thanks for visiting. While vampires are my absolute favorite, I like shifters, too. I especially like the shifters in Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series. The clan/pack culture she created for her werewolves, leopards, and tigers fascinated me.

  2. Favorite paranormal characters: Starts with the witch Rachel Morgan from Kim Harrison’s books, and pixie Jenks. Then the wizard D.J. in Suzanne Johnson’s The Sentinels of New Orleans series. Then vampires Aidan, Mirren and Will, in Susannah Sandlin’s, Penton Legacy books. And then shifters Jane Yellowrock in Faith Hunter’s series. So, Witches, Wizards, Vampires and Shifters.

    • I keep hearing great things about the Jane Yellowrock series; it’s been in my TBR pile for ages. I need to bump it to the top. Thanks for stopping by, Roger!

      • The Jane Yellowrock books have just gotten better with each book. You really should try them. I so want Jane and her “Rickybo” to get together, it would be epic.

    • Hi Roger,
      Yes, Jenks! Really liked that character in KH’s books. My favorite vamps at the moment are JR Ward’s vamps, especially the Blind King and Zsadist. I’m also quite fond of Amber Belldene’s vamps, particularly Kos.

    • i forgot Jenk^^;; how could i forget it but as fey i must confess it has been dethroned by Tybalt from teh october daye series^^;;

  3. I am an unabashed vampire hussy. However, a steamy dragon can catch my eye. A death by sex Unseelie prince has also happened upon my radar. I can be found on twitter @kindlesconsort and I gave you a Shout Out. Angela Quarles and I are kindred geeks. I have not read any Lexie George, but she is tops on my to read list at Goodreads.

  4. I love Vamps, Angels, Were’s,Demons, Shapeshifters….damn do I have to pick just one? Okay I love them all! * grins wickedly* 😛

    • LOL, no you can love them all, of course. I do enjoy reading about all inhabitants of the paranormal world, but have to confess vampires continue to top my list. Though, lately, mermen have put in an appearance (my current WiP features mermen and mermaids). But they’re all so fascinating, right? Love, love love paranormal! 🙂

  5. I second Celia’s recommendation here–Angel Bait is an awesome, fast paced read, and the angels are, um, well, I don’t want to give too much away, but they are full of hot sexy secrets. That said, I am a vampire fan all the way!

  6. I’ve loved Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series, with the archangels. Very sexy! I also love Rachel Morgan and Jenks (Kim Harrison), Adam Hauptman and Mercy Thompson (Patricia Briggs), Kate Daniels and Curran (Ilona Andrews). I second Roger’s comment about Jane Yellowrock (Faith Hunter). Another favorite is Seanan McGuire’s October Daye – I love that series because of how it portrays the dangerous world of the Fae.

    Twitter follower: @RebeLovesBooks
    Tweeted: https://twitter.com/RebeLovesBooks/status/319119984129372161

    • Thanks for the great recommendations. More items for my TBR list. In addition to Larissa Ione’s angels, I also enjoyed Sylvia Day’s Renegade Angels. And I’m sooo looking forward to more angel assassin badass goodness from Tricia S.

  7. Since vampires were the first paranormal creatures I ever read about I have a soft spot for them. But I’ll read about pretty much any type of paranormal.

  8. Gosh so hard to pick just one but my top favorite paranormal creatures are werewolves, shifters (of all kinds lol), and faeries. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

    + liked on fb: van pham
    + twitter follower: @vanpham88

  9. I love pretty any/all supernatural types/creatures! honest! As long as I can get lost in the story, is all I care about 😉

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