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Time Thief by Katie MacAlister

Time-Thief-185x300I’m a huge fan of Katie MacAlister and also a big fan of timey-wimey stuff, so when I saw that Time Thief, book one in a new series, was coming out (May 7), I just had to snag it. I can always depend on Ms. MacAlister to give me a light, fun read with sparkling dialogue and yummy heroes and she doesn’t disappoint.


Outcast due to their ability to manipulate time, shunned by the mortal and immortal worlds alike, a Traveller’s life is anything but easy.

Traveller Peter Faa is a member of the Otherworld’s Watch tracking down a murderer, and unfortunately, the clues all seem to point toward his own estranged family. Any of his cousins could be guilty, but finding which one is tricky when they’re all experts in the art of stealing time.

After surviving a lightning strike, Kiya Mortenson is determined to get just one thing in her life right. And if that means taking a job as nanny to five pugs who live in a campsite in the Oregon wilderness, then so be it. It doesn’t hurt that the job comes with some pretty spectacular male eye candy, including her new boss’s gorgeous black sheep grandson. If only she didn’t keep having this strange sense of deja vu…

When Peter discovers that his own family is stealing time from Kiya, all bets are off. While she may drive him crazy at times, it’s clear to him that it’s not just lightning that’s creating some serious sparks between them. And he’s not going to let secrets, lies, or a devious murderer keep Kiya from where she belongs: at his side.

I love any book that can make me chuckle and this book delivers. Peter Faa is also one of her Alpha-Softies that she does so well–verbally protesting at length that Kiya is not a distraction, that he has control, and all the while his hands and actions are saying the exact opposite, making for some fun moments. And while it’s set firmly in the world of her other paranormal books, this one stands alone so you won’t need to have read any of those to understand what’s happening.

I like this take on time travel. Unlike her novel released last year, A Tale of Two Vampires, which does have the characters time traveling to another era, this one takes place in the present and the twist is that Travellers have learned the art of stealing time from mortals to increase their own life span, taking seconds here and there which puts the victim back that amount of time, reliving those seconds again. Which also explains that sense of deja vu 🙂

Available at these outlets in print: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | B-A-M | Chapters | IndieBound | Powell’s

and eBook: Amazon Kindle | BN Nook | Penguin ePub

Are you a fan of Ms. MacAlister? Have you read this one yet? Do you also like humor and time travel in your paranormals?


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19 thoughts on “Time Thief by Katie MacAlister

  1. I don’t think I’ve read anything by this author. That’s one of the things I love about this site, reading about all of these authors I don’t know yet. he premise of this one sounds very good and I’ll have to give it a try. I did want to ask one question though, It seems that most of the people who reply on this blog are writers. Am I crashing the party since I suspect I will always be just a reader?

    • Hi Marsha! She’s what I call one of my fun reads, so it’s not one of the ones I read for deeper meanings or anything like that–it’s a sit back and just indulge kind of read 🙂 And you are NOT crashing the party! You are actually who we want to reach! We interact so much with just other writers on our own blogs that we wanted to be able to have a venue where we could hang and chat with other readers, since we’re readers too!

      • Thank you Angela. I love to read and I love to talk, so I wanted to make sure I was not “standing in the wrong line.”

  2. NO I’m not familiar with her but I love time travel so will prob order this later today. I get paranoid when I don’t have a huge pile of TBR so will gladly add this

    • LOL, Sue. I know what you mean about the TBR! I used to travel with so many books because I feared finishing them all. That’s why I love my ereader! I love time travel too!

  3. I did read one of her short stories, and tried the first dragon book. But I am sorry to say, her humor is just not for me, somehow those heroines really rub me wrong. So I sold my stack of her books to my best friend, who loves them 🙂 That is the risk of glomming everything by an author before reading the first one, lol.

  4. Angela–this sounds fun. I’m reading another time travel on your recommendation–The Doomsday Book–that one has me laughing aloud about the squabbling academic rivals, even though its a very droll sense of humor, it suits me 🙂

    My favorite time travels are Karen Marie Monings first books–those were heartfelt and hilarious at the same time (like the Druid who collected objects from the future and didn’t know what to make of a tampon–“pistol cleaner”!)

    And of course I am a big Dr. Who fan, especially when the Doctor is David Tenant. And a Time Thief sounds an awful lot like a Time Lord. Can’t go wrong with that 🙂

  5. Thanks for the recommendation! Katie MacAlister is one of my favorites, and I like time-travel. My only concern arises with time travel if you start worrying too much about the possibility of it – often when the author has either raised and not explained / resolved the issue in a believable manner, or there are continuity problems within the story. Humor in paranormal – an absolute must. 🙂 Have a great day.

    • Hmm, that raises a good question–I guess everyone has their level of tolerance on suspension of disbelief. With Time Thief, it’s not really a time travel, more of stealing time, and it’s more of a genetic/paranormal ability (like any of the other creatures in her world. But I know there are some that don’t like time travel based on magic and only like science-based tt. My time travel is definitely magic (wish)-based tt, but later in the series, it’s revealed that it does have a quantum explanation, but now you made me wonder if that won’t be satisfactory. There’s also so many theories on how tt could affect the timeline… But that’s why I love it…

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