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Dracula. Need I say more?

Friday is usually interview day, but y’know, this is Paranormal Unbound and we bend the rules goddammit and OMG LOOK Jonathan Rhys Meyers!!!!

Excuse me while I drown in a glittering miasma of delight. Right. Thanks. Carrying on.

So… what do you think? Looks glossy, say what? Sexy? Deliciously evil? How about the accent? The name change? Best casting ever (so says I) or a big mistake? Will you be watching?

It also looks like a crossover of several different aspects of the Dracula myth: horror, suspense, erotic/romance, mystery, with anachronistic/steampunkish elements thrown in.  In the name of genre-benders everywhere, I’m looking forward to seeing how they get along.

Because it’s innovation that will keep our genre alive. The days when old myths were sacred, precious, not to be diddled with? Gone, baby. Diddling with old myths has become our core business. Right? Or wrong? Would you prefer we left the old stuff alone and broke new ground in other ways?

So. What’s the verdict on NBC’s new Dracula? Yay, nay, or hell-yeah-let-me-at-it? Will you be watching, come fall?

14 thoughts on “Dracula. Need I say more?

  1. Oooo, my God. Hellz yeah. You know this’ll be a great show with Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I kind of have high expectations now that I’ve seen that Dracula is being directed by the guy from The Tudors. Can’t wait to watch! 😀

    • One thing that was really cool about The Tudors was that they cared more about good television than historical ‘accuracy’ 😉 they made the characters they way THEY wanted. And boy did it work. So here’s hoping they do the same with the Drac!

  2. Oh, I’m totally in on it! I didn’t know about it either, but I like the casting, look-wise. The American accent surprised me. But it looks totally hot. And I will never, never, never tire of vampires, traditional or twisted 🙂

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