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Suzanne Johnson’s Elysian Fields: Paranormal Love Zentangle

EF-for-PUBRelease day is a funny thing for most authors–we’re fairly quiet, introverted people who suddenly feel the need to run all over the cyber-universe waving our hands and screaming “buy my new book!”

So I did a lot of running around and screaming yesterday as ELYSIAN FIELDS made its debut, a bouncing 340-page baby filled with magic and smexy mermen and shifters and a swoon-worthy undead French pirate and New Orleans, my favorite city on earth. I’ve done blogs, interviews, flash fiction…you name it.

So…in the spirit of interviewing myself and further book-pimpage, here are some questions I haven’t been asked (and yes, if you haven’t read the first two books in the series, you can still make perfect sense of this one, although the ebook for the first one, Royal Street, was on sale for $2.99 last time I looked at Amazon and B&N).

–Do you ever feel guilty for torturing your characters? Not in the least. They keep me up nights, natter away in my head while I’m trying to do serious day-job work like writing obituaries, and come up with insane ideas while I’m driving and don’t have anything to write on. They deserve to be tortured.

–Why does DJ have a love quadrangle, or is that a pentagle? (Or a new word I’ve learned–looking at you, Roger–a zentangle?) This continues to astound me as reviewers comment on it, although I’ll admit to a dearth of permanent female characters and will work on that. Here’s the deal on the love zentangle…

* Cousins Alex and Jake were always vying for DJ’s affection, although I contend it had more to do with their rivalry than with feelings for DJ, at least in the beginning.

* The pirate Jean Lafitte…well, Jean  is a pirate. Who knows what the hell he’s up to? But DJ has never considered him a serious suitor because he’s technically DEAD. She kinda has a problem with that, although after this book, she’s going to have to re-evaluate her opinion of the guy.

* The merman Rene has never been a potential suitor for DJ, either. They’re buddies. I liken Dj and Rene to Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte in “48 Hours”–a buddy-movie disaster waiting to happen. Seriously–a guy can be attractive without being a love interest.

* Finally, there’s Rand. DJ doesn’t even LIKE Rand, much less have any inclination to go horizontal with him. And, believe me, nothing that happens in Elysian Fields is likely to improve her opinion of him. So, no love zentangle, just a weak triangle that’s untangling.

Well, okay, don’t ever count the pirate out completely. He’s quite persistent.

Why is DJ so impulsive when it usually gets her in trouble? Well, to her, they seem like good decisions. She goes in with the best of intentions. We all have those moments. Case in point: I’m driving home from the grocery store and am on Airline Hwy in Metairie, Louisiana, heading back to uptown New Orleans.  I run into a massive traffic jam. I don’t want my ice cream to melt. So I have a bright idea. I’ll turn off on a side street and wind my way home a different route. How was I to know the side street was a dead end into a cemetery? How could I know that my car would be trapped, prevented from turning around and escaping, by a hearse carrying a body, followed by dozens of cars filled with mourners? How could I know that I would be stuck in the cemetery with my newly liquified ice cream for over two hours? If I’d known, I wouldn’t have been wearing sweatpants and a raggy old Chicago Bulls t-shirt, I can tell you that. Well, it’s like that with DJ.

Will Rand die a painful, slow death? Probably not for a while–I need him. Plus, he’s such a pain in the ass character that he’s fun to write. Writing him goes something like this: DJ says something and I think, “What’s the most annoying, obnoxious response anyone could make?” and that’s what Rand says.

When’s book four coming out? I have no idea, but if I was a betting woman I’d say probably this time next year, so I’ll have to do some shorts to tide everyone over in the meantime.

Do you realize your book trailer is very derivative of a certain TV show opening? Well, yeah. I mean, if people want to keep comparing my books to a certain series, I shall embrace it!

So…..what questions can I answer for you? Would YOU do the deed with the sexy undead French pirate? He is immortal, after all. Leave a comment for a signed copy of your choice of Royal Street, River Road or Elysian Fields!

33 thoughts on “Suzanne Johnson’s Elysian Fields: Paranormal Love Zentangle

  1. That’s a good question…. we his looks ( from the cover pf Jackson Square) it’s hard to yhink him as dead… and he isn’t decaying either…oki he is immortal and if we are bnot then it could be a problem or we just have to find a way to be well remembered and for a long long time ( write a best sellers, construct a park or big building with our name…)something… he is loyal, protective, funny and really intelligent so i guess if i could be sure he would forfeit other female completly i think yes i would love him as a mate^^

  2. Lol, I do ask that Rand question in my review today Suzanne. I think even though Jean Lafitte is undead, he is not a zombie, so why would it be worse than dating a vampire like so many heroines do? I kind of like him, and how he protects DJ when necessary. And yes, waiting a whole year for the next book is too long …

    • Great review today, Aurian–thank you! LOL. Rand is a major pain, for sure. I’m guessing on the year thing but the manuscript isn’t due until January and it takes a long time for the books to get through the system. So it could be as early as June or as late as October…I’m usually the last to know!

  3. Zentangle, LOL. I did one last night with a triangle theme, inside it I had four triangles with open maze sides. Maybe it does mean something. Do love my shapes in my tangles. And anything to tide us over would be good. Very busy release day yesterday, think your appearances must have set a record. Lots of positive reviews and comments.

  4. Jean is a very special character-old world manners, an appreciation for women and very protective of DJ. But he is still looking out for himself. I think DJ made the right choice. Rand will drive me crazy and I’m surprised DJ hasn’t hit him with one of her charms yet! Poor Eugenia! One year is a long time to wait to see what trouble DJ and friends get into next.

  5. I’m not up for an undead pirate, maybe if he had a saucy sister. Nah. probably not, call me crazy but I really prefer live women. Congrats Suzanne and thanks.

  6. Hey, he’s a pirate. Who can resist a pirate? Not me. 😉

    Enjoyed your self-interview. Somehow you knew just the questions to ask – and made me more interested in the book, too. I’ll have to look for “Royal Street.”

    • LOL. No, I wanted Jean warm-blooded and non-flesh-eating, just in case a romantic moment did arrive :-). I have a paranormal romance series under my “smexy-writing” name, Susannah Sandlin, which is actually my ggg-grandmother’s name and wouldn’t she be horrified that her name’s the one on the smutty books! It’s the Penton Legacy series (Redemption, Absolution, Omega and a spinoff, Storm Force). Susannah’s also working on the fourth in that series and…a secret project to be announced soon 🙂

  7. Great interview of yourself and great questions. Love zentangle, hilarious. I usually would hate that in a book but your men are all just so yummy I don’t mind. As far as Jean, thats a tough one. he is described pretty sexy but he is in a way a ghost. Hmm, have to think on that one.(although if he came to me with that sweet accent id probably be unable to resist lol)

    • It’s funny to me that people see DJ with all these romantic interests, because–take Rene, for example–I’ve never really considered him a romantic possibility for DJ. They have too much fun being buddies. Jean, Jean, Jean….I can’t quite make up my mind on him either. 🙂

    • I used a company called Book Candy Studios to do it, and had no idea what to expect. I really love it, though, because it’s so different from most of the trailers I’ve seen. They were awesome. It took about 6-8 weeks from initial consultation to final trailer.

  8. This blog is very fortuitous. I’ve been meaning to write to you to tell you how much I’m enjoying Royal Street. I haven’t quite finished it yet. I’ve visited New Orleans so did get some of the in jokes, your characters are well developed and the humour, which all such stories require is excellent and well placed. I knew there is a second in the series but didn’t realise there is now a third as well. I see you and DJ have much in common 😀

    I loved Louis – people wouldn’t believe the truth even if told the truth – how true~

    Hmm I see the barriers are still open since Jean is still carrying on. Would I do the deed with him? Yeah probably but I’m not as fussy as DJ is..

    • Thanks, Sue–I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! I think you’ll find the second and third books are faster-paced as the story moves away from hurricane recovery. There was so much of my own Katrina angst in that first book 🙂

      • I’m not having a problem with the pace –it’s the way you dealt with your “angst” that makes it interesting. We’re lucky (or whatever) to be writers and use our creativity as stress relievers 😀

  9. I’m not sure I trust that sexy undead French pirate, but it might be fun to have a little fling. 😀 I’m really looking forward to reading Elysian Fields, this is such a great series.

  10. I’m not sure I’d trust that sexy undead French pirate, but it might be fun to have a little fling. 😀 I’m looking forward to reading Elysian Fields, this series is so good.

  11. Fun self-interview, Suzanne! My characters do the same thing to me when I’m driving–romp around in my head generating awesome/insane ideas–fortunately, my daughter is often in the car, too, to jot notes for me or activate voice memo on the phone. As for doing an undead, sexy, French pirate… mais oui, certainement! 🙂

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