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What We’re Reading: Bound by Nature by Cooper Davis

Today’s “What We’re Reading” is a guest post by my author buddy Rayna Vause. Many thanks to Rayna for contributing today to Paranormal Unbound. — Elisabeth Staab

bound by nature

I’d like to thank Elisabeth for letting me share one of my recent reads. Two of my favorite types of story genres are gay romance and paranormal romance. When I can get both in one book, it’s gravy. I’ve recently read Bound by Nature by Cooper Davis. It’s a title that came out in 2010 but if you haven’t discovered this book yet, it’s definitely worth checking out.

As much as I enjoyed a good vampire novel, I’ve always been a sucker for a good werewolf story. Here’s the blurb for Bound by Nature:

The mind may forget, but the heart remembers…

A Forces of Nature novel.

It doesn’t take Hayden Garrett’s college degree to figure out why Officer Josh Peterson is the last man alive he wants to face. Not because of the council’s harebrained idea to broker peace between their clans.

It’s the sweaty palms that prove Hayden never got over his embarrassing attraction to his alpha rival. Mate with him? Nothing fills Hayden with more desire—or dread. Josh doesn’t have a gay hair in his fur. At least not one he owns up to.

Despite Josh’s reputation for being a connoisseur of female flesh, he’s always cared about Hayden. In a different world, they might have been friends. Now, face to face after five years, the bitterness in Hayden’s eyes fills Josh with regret for what could have been—should have been.

As Hayden and Josh journey through rituals—and intimacies—that will knit their souls for life, passion and anger flares, revealing a powerful secret. The truth about a long-ago sharing of hearts, bodies and souls that ended in tragedy…

This book is a contemporary set paranormal. It takes place in Colorado where werewolves live and work side by side with humans. The sexual tension between Josh and Hayden is smoking. It’s written partially in present day and partially five years in the past. Seeing the events of the past unfold really helps to up the angst of the story. You’re heart just breaks for these two men as you learn about the horrible event that shaped their past and everything they had to endure to get through to finally get to their happily ever after.

This book was clearly intended to be the first in a series. Ms. Davis has included some secondary characters that clearly have a fascinating story to share. I very much hope that we get to read those stories. If you’re looking for good angsty read with a hint of paranormal Bound by Nature is definitely worth checking out.



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