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Fairies, djinn and undead guys

demon_promoNote that I say ‘undead’. Not ‘zombie’. For some reason, whenever I say ‘zombie romance’, people jump on a chair like a rat just ran up their skirt and start screaming, ‘Eww! Body parts falling off!’

Which is TOTALLY unfair and lacking in imagination. If that was you, just a second ago? SHAME ON YOU. As your penance, you shall henceforth be chained to a rusty dungeon wall and forced to read my new book DEMON CHAINED, which features the hottest zombie hero evah! – as well as a sexy djinni, a homicidal fairy best friend and warring demon princes.

This is one of my favourite of my books. Horror-themed romance is so much fun to write, and for me it’s a great way of exploring the true meaning of love, when so much in romance books these days depends on lust and eroticism, and immediate physical attraction to improbably gorgeous characters. This book perverts that, in a dark and delicious and (I hope!) delectable way.

Don’t get me wrong 🙂 Tam in DEMON CHAINED is ridiculously gorgeous. He just has a bit of a death problem. Which means body image issues. For a guy who used to be able to charm the socks off any woman (or man) he wanted, being reanimated really cramps his style.

Can’t drink, can’t smoke, can’t pick up girls. Being dead really sucks. His love life is over, or so he thinks. His only friend is a hopeless half-fairy screw-up. He’s in thrall to a demon lord (yes, hello, Kane, if you’re wondering) who delights in giving Tam petty, humiliating tasks that he must complete if he wants to stay out of hell. Like steal the lamp of an unsuspecting djinni…

Anyway. DEMON CHAINED is here. It’s gritty. It’s dirty. It’s darkly funny. Yeah, there are horror elements. But I vow: no body parts become disconnected. No zombies were harmed in the making of this book.

Here’s the cover copy:

Jewel is a djinni of the lamp, an enchanted slave, bound to her owner by dark magical cravings she can’t resist. She burns for freedom, and when her lamp is stolen—by Tam, a hot and dirty bad-boy thief—she vows to be rid of her new master at any cost. Even as she plots Tam’s demise, the lamp’s dark fascination makes her long to claim him as her own.

But the last thing Tam wants is a spellbound djinni who can’t say ‘no’. Cursed by a demon to suffer living death, he’s tormented by undead longing for pain, pleasure, any sensation he can get. To have this exquisite, besotted Jewel at his bidding is pure torture… because Tam refuses to succumb to her magical allure.

Not when he knows she can’t truly be attracted to an ever-dying freak. And not when he’s already on a mission from his cruel demon master: capture and deliver one djinni…

Warning: this novel contains a feisty magical heroine, a besotted fairy best friend and the hottest wise-ass dead-guy hero in town.

Links: Kindle ~ Kobo ~ iBooks ~ Nook

Also, you can add it on Goodreads!

Hope you enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Fairies, djinn and undead guys

  1. Love your humour but yes I am on vampire team not zombie one Now homicidal fairy got my attention – did read first part on Amazon. Loved first sentence (lots of blogs on that topic lately) but still Eww

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