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Vampire Code by Celia Breslin

Hi Everyone!

I’m pleased to announce that Jonas, my favorite vampire from The Tranquilli Bloodline Series is out and about in the world this week, in his very own story, Vampire Code!

*happy dance*

Vampire Code book coverVampire Code is a short story prequel to Haven, Book 1 in the Tranquilli Bloodline Series.

My release week celebration started with a visit to fantasy author Audra Middleton’s blog for a chat about vampires, movies, and more.

My next stop took me to fellow Paranormal Unbound blogger Suzanne Johnson’s Preternatura Blog for more vampire chat (are you sensing the theme here, LOL) and a discussion on good reads.

Next week the official Vampire Code tour begins, brought to you by Bewitching Book Tours. Reviews, Interviews, Articles, and E-Book/E-Gift Card Giveaway. In the meantime, enter the giveaway below. 🙂

Vampire Code book cover
Clothed in darkness and power, Jonas watches Carina from the periphery of her life. With all that he is, he secretly protects his young charge from harm. Only three months remain in the twelve-year prohibition forbidding contact with his little warrior when he fails.

Abducted from her dance club, Carina suffers a vicious attack by a newly-turned vampire. Jonas’s retribution for the lowly spawn’s code violation is swift and brutal, and merely the beginning of his vengeance. Fineas, the uninitiated newling’s maker, has committed the greater offense. And Jonas intends to make him suffer.

I am The Executioner, the slayer, the ruthless hand of justice. Code Breakers beware.


“You touched her.”

Jonas’s sword whistled through the air and sliced off the cowering vampire’s hand in one clean blow. It plopped into the mud. The hatchling howled in agony. Clutching his bleeding arm to his chest, he trembled at Jonas’s feet.

“You kicked her.”

The sword sang down again…

Book Basics
Title: Vampire Code
Series: Tranquilli Bloodline Series
Number: Prequel
Author: Celia Breslin
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Champagne Books
Date of Publication: October 7, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-77155-049-9
Number of pages: 20
Word Count: 4,000
Cover Artist: Petra K.
Discover Vampire Code
Champagne Books

Giveaway: Comment to Win
Thanks for visiting today! To celebrate Vampire Code’s release, I’ll give one e-book copy of Haven or Vampire Code (winner’s choice) to one lucky commenter. What to comment…Do you have a favorite vampire from tv/film or print? If you’ve read Haven, who’s your favorite vampire from Carina’s world? Or simply say hello.

Open to international. This contest will run through Monday, October 14 (11:59 PM Pacific) – Winner will be drawn and announced Tuesday, October 15.

The gods at random.org have spoken! The winner of the e-book copy of HAVEN OR VAMPIRE CODE is: VampedChick!

Disclaimer: Prize must be claimed within one week of the winning announcement.

13 thoughts on “Vampire Code by Celia Breslin

  1. My favorite vampire would be Bones from the night huntress series i love how honest , loyal and determined he can be.

    I haven’t read this series but after reading about of on Suzanne Blog i’m tempted^^ thanks for teh opportunity to win

  2. I thought Frank Langella made an awesome Dracula as a teen. I really loved Haven! Looking forward to reading the prequel. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. I have to say I also have a soft spot for Jonas, but Eric Northman is my favorite vampire…okay, maybe I just love Alexander Skarsgard. He’s a great Viking vampire. 🙂

  4. On TV, Joss Whedon’s vampires hold my heart – Spike and Angel, especially when Angel is in evil-mode as Angelus. In non-Joss-land, 100% agree – Eric Northman all the way. And I’m so psyched to check out the upcoming new Dracula with Jonathan Rhys Myers!

  5. I always loved Spike from Buffy. Or Angels cool. Eric and Pam from True Blood are awesome too. There are so many good ones.

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