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Amber & Celia talk Vampire Monster Mash

What better way to celebrate Halloween than to create our very own hot n’ hunky n’ badass vampires?

If you could pick and choose traits from all your favorite vampires to make the perfect mate, who would you pick?  We’ve created our very own Franken-vamps, stitching together the bodies and souls of all our favorite heroes, and we hope you will play too!

Celia’s Vampire Mash-Up:

My composite, fangtastic hunk hails from my favorite TV vamps…

482px-Alexander_Skarsgard_by_Gage_Skidmore_2Looks: Mick St. John’s dreamy hazel eyes, Damon Salvatore’s silky, dark hair, Eric Northman’s height and drool-worthy body. And tattoos, yes, there must be tattoos. Celtic warrior bands for biceps. Family crest on his shoulder blade.

Powers: the usual super strength and speed, heightened sense of smell, super hearing. Plus he can fly (thank you, Eric, for that one).

Personality: Wandering to the land Joss Whedon…  Mix one part Spike’s ruthlessness and dark sense of humor with one part Angel’s compassionate and caring soul.

Backstory: My vamp is a highlander, descended from Vikings who settled in Northern Scotland. A warrior and protector of his people…until he’s ambushed one night and turned by a band of minstrel vampires. He joins their merry band of wandering, blood-drinking, musicians, eventually making his way to the Americas.

Present-Day Role:  21st century musician and owner of a jazz club in Seattle.

Amber’s Vampire Mash-Up:

LOL, I should have known Celia and I would have a lot of our favorites in common–we met pitching our vampire stories last year, only to find out we are neighbors too.

I honestly would take Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman without changing a thing, but there are a lot of other vampires I love too.  Here goes:

Physical appearance:  Now a days when I watch Angel, David Boreanaz seems so young, but if I can  446px-David_Boreanaz_Comic-Con_2012have him all grown up, a la Bones–well, yes, please!

Supernatural powers:  I always feel like those mindreading, glamouring powers are such a moral burden–I don’t think I would want my vampire mate to have them.  Like Celia, I’d take super strength and power, immortality, and another power Eric exhibits in one of my all time NSFW True Blood scenes.  Let’s call it *ahem* stamina.

Compelling backstory:  Vishous is my favorite of J.R. Ward’s vampires, and I find the horrible abuse he suffered as a child heart-wrenching, and his attempts to cope with it as a kinky, rule-breaking adult vampire fascinating. What can I say? I love a guy with daddy issues and a lot of toys.

Role in his world: I’m a sucker for a patriarch–the vampire who is protective and takes care of his own, whether he’s a just king (Wrath, NOT Bill Compton, please!), a commander (like Lara Adrain’s first Midnight Breed book), or a father figure (Eric with Pam) I love that guy that feels the burdens of a group and makes sacrifices to care for others.

Personality: Like Celia, Spike is the consummate bad boy for me. I loved his sarcasm and complexity–something both Eric and Vishous also share.  There is something about a smart-ass that makes me swoon!

Giveaway – Comment to Win:

In keeping with our vampire theme, one lucky commenter will receive one e-book copy of Amber’s paranormal romance, Blood Vine, and one e-book copy of Celia’s urban fantasy short story, Vampire Code. What to comment — make your perfect vampire mash-up!  Or, simply say hello.

Open to international. This contest will run through Wednesday 10/30/13 (11:59 PM Pacific) – Winner will be drawn and announced on Halloween.

The gods at have spoken! The winner of one e-book copy of Blood Vine and one e-book copy of VAMPIRE CODE is: XaurianX!

Disclaimer: Prize must be claimed within one week of the winning announcement.


21 thoughts on “Amber & Celia talk Vampire Monster Mash

  1. Wrath and Bones are probably my two favorite vampires. And I loved The Monster Mash song when I was growing up. Enjoyed your post very much.

  2. Man, I did love that song back in the day….but, I have to say that as far as Movie/TV vamps are concerned, I was def in Angel’s corner (even more so now when I watch David B on BONES) and Mick St. John??? Be still my out of control heart!! However, my true loves are on the written page, leaving my mind to conjure them in all their glory. 😉 A few of my heart throbs……Dage, from Dark Protectors and Styx and Viper from Eternal Guardians.
    Thanks ladies, for the chance to indulge our deepest, darkest desires!

    • Our pleasure, Phyllis. Really. 🙂 I hear you on Mick. Too bad there was only one season of Moonlight. I’ve watched every episode so many times! The good news: you can watch Alex O’L on Hawaii Five-O. Sans fangs, of course, but still. yay.

    • Geesh Ladies…..Styx and Viper are from Alexandra Ivy’s Guardians of Eternity not Eternal Guardians…guess I didn’t have enough coffee when I wrote this. 😛

  3. oldies but goodies: gary oldman’s dracula (like seriously super sexy, sexy enough that winona and keanu’s horrible acting and accents couldn’t even kill that movie) 🙂 spike *le sigh* 🙂 david (lost boys), damon (vamp. diaries, lol, ok not so old), lestat (i.w.a.v.). i guess i’m a sucker for the bad boys 🙂 i have never watched true-blood, i tried, made it 5 mins and all the southern drawls killed that show for me (let the bashing begin). and i must say i am so glad to see nary a cullen on the list 😉
    as far a some newer vamps, i am about to pee my pants in excitement of jonathan rhys meyers playing dracula on nbc, klaus (vamp.diaries), and i can’t be the only person who has dreamed of jason momoa taking on a vamp role, come on, that man is so damned sexy, it just has to be coming (if not, i will settle for him being a wolf shifter next year) 😉
    great mash-ups, and thanks so much for the contest/giveaway and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! 🙂

    • Oh yes! Everyone on this blog is so excited for Jonathan Rhys Meyers (I think I can safely speak for everyone on that score! Yum!) And yes, Momoa. I heard his name bandied around for another part. I was so bummed when he died on Game of Thrones! Thanks for playing 🙂

      • Yes, Amber, you may speak for all of us on the Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Dracula excitement! 🙂 I was bummed when they killed off Momoa’s character on GoT, too.

  4. ❤ old school vamps ❤
    david (lost boys)
    gary oldman's dracula (his dracula is the only saving grace about that whole movie,saw it every single night it was in theaters) 🙂
    lestat (of the books, tom cruise version, uhhh…no…thanks).
    ❤ new vamps ❤
    damon (v.d.)
    klaus (v.d./originals)
    and i can't be the only lady here seriously twitter-patted over jonathan rhys meyers playing dracula on the new nbc show 🙂
    thanks for your mash-ups and for the contest/giveaway 🙂
    patricia crews

  5. If you could pick and choose traits from all your favorite vampires to make the perfect mate, who would you pick?
    That’s such a bizarre concept. If I did that, I’d end up with someone beautiful, ruthless and terrifying… like Clara from Byzantium, maybe. It wouldn’t last very long.

    • LOL. Frank! I snorted the post-lunch coffee at that comment! Yep, I’m pretty sure it never works out the way we hope when we have that much control 🙂 Thanks for applying the real lessons of Frankenstein to this post!

    • I wonder, though, what would happen if we mixed Darla and Dru (from Buffy) and Pam (True Blood)? *ponders* Okay, yes, you’re right, beautiful, ruthless and terrifying! But what fun… 😉

  6. I don’t have to mix and match, my perfect vampire is Jean-Claude by Laurell K. Hamilton. Yes he is ruthless, after power, but he cares deeply about Anita and his vampire family. And he is drop dead gorgeous, has a voice to bewitch you with, and he can fly.

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