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Genre Talk – Deadline Hell and Sleepy Hollow

Hi everyone –

Okay so I’m in a crazy end of the year deadline hell…  (I should really shower… *ahem*) And I just realized today is my day to talk about our fabulous genre. Whee!
Sleepy Hollow-1Since I’m under the gun, I’m going to keep this short…  Have you all been watching Sleepy Hollow???

I realize this is a television show and not a book, but this show is cleverly written and reminds me of what makes the paranormal genres so fun!

The bottom line is this…  What if all the stories are real?

This show takes old American folk tales and mixes it up with Native American stories as well as real historical events into a perfect paranormal cocktail. I can’t get enough…

Sleepy Hollow-2Plus is has a gorgeous cast, just like the ones in our books! LOL

They each have their own tortured back story as well. And I love the mix of horror with sexual tension.

What do I mean by horror? Sleepy Hollow-3They had an episode that featured a character out of Native American legends that attacks people in their dreams and makes them pay up for past wrongs…  He was SUPER creepy!


So if you haven’t watched yet, run to hulu and catch up! 🙂  And if you have seen it, let’s chat about the historical and paranormal elements they have meshed together?  Do you like it, hate it, not sure?

And keep in mind with the success of paranormal shows comes a hunger for paranormal reads…  WOOT!

Lisa 🙂

36 thoughts on “Genre Talk – Deadline Hell and Sleepy Hollow

  1. Actually we just watched this week’s episode. And I just double checked trusty google for historical accuracy. They are accurate and the blend of fact and fiction is well done. Could use a bit more humour but all in all not bad. there’s so much more that can be said when in a paranormal context that would appear preachy in a contemporary context.

    • I’m not missing the humor, but I like my paranormal pretty dark… 🙂 Do you watch GRIM? That has more funny in it! 🙂

      I can’t wait for BITTEN… SyFy picked it up so we’ll be able to see it in the US too… Yay!


      • I like a good dose of humour with my dark paranormal. No, Lisa, we gave up on Grimm: poor characters (except for Monroe) poor direction and sloppy scripts. We do watch Drac but not sure what I think of it.

        The show I truly love though not para is BlackList – OMG

      • They are light on the humor but when they use it, it’s right on the mark, not forced. I suspect as the series continues and the relationships between the characters grown that we may see a little more camaraderie-based humor come into play. I do also love that it is being filmed in my childhood home state, NC 🙂

      • I do love Monroe on GRIM and I love all the cool fairy tale gadgets! 🙂

        I think you’re right Yaas about the humor on Sleepy Hollow… I think it’ll come with time… 🙂

      • I am definitely going to have to check out Blacklist. Have been hearing nothing but good reviews about it so far 🙂

  2. This show is bag full of crazy fun, and I’m enjoying it. My only problem is, there’s such a huge glut of paranormal shows one right now, I can’t possibly keep up with them all. (Well, I could, but I wouldn’t have time for things like sleeping.) As you said, I think it bodes well for the popularity of paranormal!

    • Very true!!! I have to catch up on GRIM… But I’m watching Sleepy Hollow and Dracula religiously!!! LOL Thank god for the DVR… 🙂

      But yeah I’m guessing people are hungry for paranormal judging by the TV shows… Woot!


      • AJ, I was lamenting that my DVR can’t keep up with my lack of time to clear it out regularly and the new influx of DVR hopefuls on my list. Feast or famine, right?? I still enjoy Grimm, it is not as sophisticated but anything to do with fairy tales… Dracula on the other hand *wince* I am trying to give it a chance but it’s not winning me over yet. Supernatural and the Walking Dead still are at the top of my list.

      • Oh Panda & I are in love with Dracula!!! LOL I love how the politics and business are being mixed in and that Van Helsing is working with him… And Renfield! We love Renfield… We also can’t help but oggle JRM with fangs… oh my… 🙂

      • Ha! It is actually the Renfield character that I like the best so far from that show. I think the Christian Slater/Nicholson-esque accent grates on me too much when he is being “American”. Just seems an odd choice. They have til December to convince me 😉

      • We love how his accent changes depending on who he is speaking with… We figure they made him have such a harsh American accent to make him stand out from the Brits, but it’s definitely striking when he does it…

      • I do like the accent changing back and forth depending on who he’s talking to (let’s hope dear Vlad can keep that straight!) it’s just the version he’s using as his American that is grating to me.

      • I watched the first episode of Dracula and… yeah. I wasn’t blown away. It sure is pretty, though! I might give it another shot, but there’s so much else to pick from, I don’t have a lot of time to spare!

  3. I was wary but hopeful when the previews first came out for this show. Quite pleased with it so far–and although they definitely take literary license I’ve enjoyed their reinvention of Ichabod and the Sleepy Hollow story with their intertwining past, present, and the supernatural elements. Could have been a train wreck, but so far it’s been handled well.

    • I agree! I was wary too, but the writing has been VERY clever to tie everything together… I loved the episode with the lost colony… Wow!

      Unsolved mysteries in history given a paranormal twist and I’m in heaven! 🙂

      Thanks for commenting Yaas!

      Lisa 🙂

  4. I give the writers a lot of kudos for trying to keep the historical details accurate (within the bounds of their plotline departures) –they do a lot of consulting with history experts for that–and the dialogue (which you know I am persnickety about, Lisa), too. Hoping they maintain the quality, really enjoying it so far 🙂

  5. Oh, okay–based on the Kelly Armstrong books…I was wondering if it was the same title. Interesting, hope they do it justice 🙂

    • Yes!!! She’s been posting pictures from the filming and it looks awesome so far!!! They have made some changes that people are upset about. Jeremy isn’t the same, but hopefully it’ll be great anyway… *fingers crossed* I’m ready for an awesome werewolf show! 🙂

  6. I’ve enjoyed the way the writers brought Sleepy Hollow out of the past and into the present. The character’s are great. I like this version of Ichabod Crane versus the sissy Disney version of him.

  7. Hey Lisa!!! You have hit on my absolute favorite show, hands down! I just love how the History, and the elements of the Paranormal, bring us a very fresh, very interesting twist on old Ichabod Crane! Of course, having Tom Mison play him doesn’t hurt either. 😉 I’m just struck by how well written it is, that as a viewer, you look at the history and say, “Yeah, I can def see that having happened!” or “Wow, didn’t know that about so and so..” I really think it is awesome that they are bringing part of our history to life using this Genre! Thanks Lisa! Love Ya!

    • You’re welcome Phyllis!!! Glad to hear you’re watching too!!! I think blending paranormal and history together make the stories come alive because we’re sort of familiar with them so when they add a paranormal layer it’s magic! 🙂

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  8. Sorry I’m late.
    Yes, I’m really liking Sleepy Hollow so far — and haven’t missed a single episode yet.
    I should clarify that I normally will not watch paranormal stuff on TV. [Long explanation and this isn’t the time or place.] But this one is so steeped in history that I couldn’t pass it up. It’s a bit too gory for my wife, but I don’t mind a few heads being lopped off.
    I’m liking both of the lead characters so far, and it’s interesting how they’re handling the chemistry between them … and the (can I call it a triangle when the wife is a dead witch?).
    I particularly like the way they have Icabod’s surprise and adjustment to the modern developments. Last night he was startled by an internet come-on and mortified that people have to PAY for water!
    I’ve recently written a story with a 200-yr old time gap [finished it before the S.H. started] and I tried to get some humor out of the confusion, disbelief, etc. from the character who’s thrust into a diff. time period.

    • Hi Jeff! I’m so glad you came by! 🙂

      Yes I am LOVING watching Ichabod struggle with modern things that we take for granted. I loved his hate of plastic and his HORROR at 10% sales tax! 🙂

      It is gory and at times very scary, but I really enjoy the dash of horror and the dark angle. I would think the apocalypse wouldn’t be pretty… Just sayin’…

      Thanks for commenting!

  9. I love this show! And it’s funny, I’m not usually a beard loving girl- but Tom (ichabod) rocks that beard! Found a photo of him with short hair and no beard– not working for me ;).

  10. I’m still on the fence about Sleepy Hollow. I like it, but there are other paranormal shows I like better and since I have to have some writing time, not sure I’ll keep this one. I love Dracula, though!

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