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Special Guest – Urban Fantasy Author Cassi Carver

Hi everyone –

It’s Lisa Kessler here, and I’m very excited to welcome, Cassi Carver, to our Paranormal Unbound blog today! Cassi and I are both in the San Diego Chapter of RWA and I can’t wait for you to meet her…

Beware, she’s SUPER sweet and she’s giving away books to commenters…  YAY!!!

So without further ado…  Here’s Cassi!  CassiCarver

Hi, and thank you for having me on Paranormal Unbound! I’m so happy to be visiting with you today!
What are your favorites aspects of Urban Fantasy?
As a reader, what initially draws me in about a good urban fantasy is the action and the kick-ass heroine. But what keeps me coming back is the world building and the fact that I feel like I’m getting to know the characters better in every book in the continuing series. Because UF generally follows the life of one heroine (or hero), once I love the main character, I get to go deeper in my reader relationship with them in every book–and if there’s a little romance, all the better! I read and love every genre of romantic fiction, but I get more attached to urban fantasy series than any other genre.
Can you define Erotic Urban Fantasy for us?
SlayersKiss72LGWell, when I wrote Slayer’s Kiss, the first novel in my erotic urban fantasy series, I hadn’t read many urban fantasy series that had really turned up the heat level to scorching! It was a challenge I wanted to undertake. Because UF often follows the same heroine, it can be difficult to give her fulfilling sex in each book without her finding her hero and getting her happy ever after, repeatedly breaking her up with her hero to create tension (which I hate), or having her sleep around with a different guy in every book.
To make Slayer’s Kiss ultra spicy, I created a species of fallen angel hybrids that have very strong mating instincts, so my heroine, Kara Reed, could explore her sexuality and we could jump right into it, but it would make sense in her world.
What inspired you to venture down this new path for Urban Fantasy?
Actually, my foray into erotic urban fantasy was the result of two things–a call for submissions at a national RWA conference and my love of all things spicy and UF! LOL  Because urban fantasy is so plot driven and erotic romance is generally character driven, I’ll admit it was a challenge to find my groove, and for the heroine to find hers.
There are three full-length novels in the series at this point (and one novella), and you can see the heroine evolve as the series progresses. At first, it’s all about mating instinct and her trying to deal with her instincts when she’s finally introduced to men of her species. In later books, it’s really about the love that develops between her and her two suitors. There’s still spicy sex, but at that point she’s learning who she is and what she wants out of life.
Which paranormal series are on your Auto-Buy list? ShadowRisingSmallerCoverFile-200x300
The two series that I would fake an illness for–and have–are Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan Hollows series and Stacia Kane’s Downside ghosts. The series are very different, but I love them both. Kane’s is more romantic, and has my all time favorite hero–a common thug who goes by the name of “Terrible.” But if you count reading time, I’ve invested more than a million words into Harrison’s series, and Rachel and her crew are like part of my family. 😉
Are there any paranormal creatures you haven’t written yet that you would love to explore?
Yes! I’m currently working on a brand new paranormal series that I’m totally loving. I have this feeling my agent wouldn’t want me to be specific, but I’ll give you a clue…it does not have vampires, shifters, witches, fae, fallen angels, dragons or superheroes. LOL  That’s not to say a few of those may not make their way onto the page eventually. I’m a sucker for all super-human creatures and really, there aren’t any I don’t read or wouldn’t write.
What is it about the Paranormal Genre that keeps bringing you back for more?
I love the paranormal genre because it has all the elements of action, romance, and intrigue that other genres have, but with the opportunity for incredible world building. Every time I open up a paranormal romance or urban fantasy, I’m literally in a new world where the regular rules don’t apply and I get to see things with brand new eyes. I get to unlock secrets as the protagonists do, imagine what it would be like to live with the gift and the burden of some amazing power–and I get to do it all from the comfort of my home, in PJs!! Who doesn’t love that?
I’m so glad you stopped by today! As a thank you, I would like to give away the first two e-books in The Shadow Slayers erotic urban fantasy series–Slayer’s Kiss and Shadow Rising–to one person who comments! Can you tell me your all-time favorite urban fantasy or paranormal romance series?
Thanks for joining the Unbounders here today Cassi!!!  I’ve read Cassi’s Shadow Slayers series and if you like your Urban Fantasy HOT these are the books for you!  You’ll love them!   – Lisa Kessler signing out! 🙂

29 thoughts on “Special Guest – Urban Fantasy Author Cassi Carver

  1. My favorite paranormal/ urban fantasy series so far is Marjorie M. Liu’s Hunter Kiss series, though there are several other series I enjoy. I need to check out Cassi’s books, thanks for the interview!

  2. I have several favorite paranormal romance series so it’s hard to choose just one. Moira Rogers Crux series, Marie Harte’s Circ’s, and Shelly Laurenston’s wolves are the first I read that got me hooked on paranormal romances.
    suz2 at Cox dot net

  3. Cassi really is not kidding when she says her books are spicy. So far, I’ve only read the first book, and it’s my first urban fantasy, so granted, it’s my favorite. My favorite paranormal? I have a few YA reads that I love, one of them is Vampire Academy. It’s being made into a movie, but I don’t know if I’m excited to see it based on the trailer. Anyway, can’t wait to read more of your books Cassi!

    Hi Lisa!!:)

  4. Thanks for the fun interview ladies. I do think your books will be too hot for me, and in the same sentence I will tell you my favourite Urban Fantasy series are written by Laurell K. Hamilton. I know, but Anita kind of grew into the sex scenes.

  5. Great interview, ladies! Cassi, I love ultra-sexy urban fantasy, too, and Slayer’s Kiss definitely qualifies. 😉 I really enjoyed the world-building, too. Thanks for hanging out with us on ParaUnbound!

  6. {waves} thanks for dropping by, Cassi 🙂

    I think erotic UF is one of those sub-genres where the lines are blurred. How much sex can you put in before ‘erotic UF’ becomes fantasy erotica? How little can you get away with before it just becomes plain UF? And how much romance is allowable before it becomes hot paranormal romance?

    For instance, I would call Keri Arthur’s Riley Jenson series just plain UF, even though the heroine has a lot of sex with lots of guys. The sex isn’t really the point. Whereas in LKH’s Merry Gentry series, the sex is pretty much the entire point.

    So yeah. Does it matter? Probably not 🙂 but I guess it’s nice as a reader to know what you’re getting.

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