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Conversation With You! Fave Holiday Paranormals?

12387745Good Lord, seriously? It’s already December? What happened to 2013? I hope our American readers had a safe and happy Thanksgiving, and for all of you, that, like me, you’ve already finished all your goals for this year, have your upcoming holiday tasks completed, presents bought/made and wrapped, your cards sent out, house decorated, and now all that’s left is alphabetizing your Holiday CDs and trying to figure out where to seat crazy Uncle Fred for the big dinner.

Sorry, I’m back. Had to pick myself off the floor from giggling so hard. Who are we kidding? This time of year always seems to be so frazzled/slap dash.

Oh. Is it only me? :clears throat: Anywho. If others share the same affliction and have no chance of doing most of the items on that list, but love to escape into a lighthearted, seasonal read sometimes, let’s talk!

The last one I read that was a paranormal holiday romance story was Laura Kaye’s North of NeedActually, it might be my only one, I think the others have been either contemporary or historical. But anyway, I’m in the mood for something fun and paranormal, and maybe a bit out there. Not sure I can go as far as a Santa hero, though, I don’t know, I could be game. Something different, for sure.

74731A paranormal (non-romance) read from a couple of years back that I enjoyed was Christopher Moore’s The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror. It wasn’t my favorite of his, but as usual he delivers on the out-there and wacky. I think I remember reading that someone had dared him to try and write a story that featured all of the characters from his different books and this was the result. So a familiarity with the earlier books helps get the most out of it.

Do you read holiday-themed paranormals? If so, what’s been the weirdest (in a good way)? Anything you can recommend to me and other readers? What do you usually look for?

7 thoughts on “Conversation With You! Fave Holiday Paranormals?

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  2. There are so many holiday anthologies out there these days, I’m tempted to try one and maybe discover some new authors. Most of the ones I know about are contemporaries, but Season of Seduction from Carina Press and Heating up the Holidays from Loveswept are both on my list. I’ll have to check out North of Need!

  3. Christine Feehan has Dark Celebration which is part of her Carpathian series. Shelly Laurenston’s first book in her Pride series has a female cop who hangs stockings for her dogs, Sig and Sauer.

  4. O yes, I love Christmas stories all year long. And make them paranormal, I am even happier. Sierra Dean had a great Christmas novella for her Secret McQueen series, Secret Santa. And your own Suzanne Johnson has an amazing story called Christmas in Dogtown. It is standalone and will surprise you.
    Of course there are many, many more stories I have read, but those two come to mind immediately.

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