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Release Day! Chenoire by Susannah Sandlin

Chenoire-FrontShe’s baaaaack.

I’m pleased to announce that my standalone novella Chenoire, written as Susannah Sandlin, makes its way into the world today! It’s a story I really love, about family and trust and inner strength…and alligators and swamp mud and sexy guys with big secrets. Cause you gotta have those, right?

Here’s the official blurbishness about Chenoire (pronounced “shin-WAH”):

When Faith Garrity’s twin sister died, she lost a part of herself. Unable to move past the pain, the once-driven ornithologist is at risk of losing her career as well. To save her job, she heads to the oil-ravaged wetlands of Louisiana. There, in the bayou community of Chenoire, she encounters the handsome but guarded Zackary Préjean, still suffering from a great loss of his own.

She’s drawn to Zack, but soon finds that the Préjean family isn’t what it seems… They have dangerous secrets—and deadly enemies. Caught up in a feud that threatens the area’s uneasy truce, Faith and Zack must learn to trust each other. Survival will require enormous sacrifice, but it just might also give them both a way to move on.

And what’s a release day without a giveaway? Leave a comment for a copy of Chenoire and you, too, can learn the Prejean secrets. Just tell me this….have you ever seen an alligator? Have you ever EATEN alligator?

18 thoughts on “Release Day! Chenoire by Susannah Sandlin

  1. I took a tour of the Everglades when I was a kid and saw alligators and they scared me a lot! Downloaded my copy of Chenoire. Hope to read it after work today.

    • Thanks, Liz–hope you enjoy the “new” version of “Chenoire”! I did a walking tour of a wildlife reserve near Cameron, Louisiana, one time and they were just sacked out on the bank, sunning. We didn’t interest them in the least (although there were signs to not take dogs out on the paths because small dogs make good gator snacks!).

  2. I’ve never eaten alligator but my husband likes it. He likes it grilled on the BBQ best. Me, I’ll just watch him eat it! LOL! Congrats on the new release!

  3. Congratulations on the release of Chenoire [shin-WAH]. Read it this morning, wonderful short story, nice touch the Browning .270. Have seen but not eaten gator. Have read about some of the gator recipes and meals from Suzanne’s web-site. Gator cheesecake?

    • Thanks, Roger! Good memory 🙂 Yes, one of my absolute favorite dishes is the alligator sausage and shrimp cheesecake that’s on the appetizer menu at Jacques-Imo’s in New Orleans. I have two trips to NOLA planned this spring and you can bet I’ll be having some!

  4. I have seen alligators quite a bit since coming to Florida, especially at Gatorland, where they do sell alligator meat at their food stand. My son bought some but I couldn’t bring myself to try it. He said it tasted like chicken. 😀

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