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What we’re reading: The Strain

gdtstraintpbWant yourself a good old-fashioned vampire hunting novel? Maybe mixed with a bit of horror techno-thriller? That’s what THE STRAIN is.

Vampires are parasites. They will fuck you up. You do not want to have sex with these vampires. Letting them suck your blood is out of the question. They do creeped-out stuff with stingers under their tongues (yeah) that will have you shivering. Soon — if the master vampire is not stopped — they will take over the world.

If that doesn’t grab you already, then consider that the writing in this series (THE STRAIN, followed by THE FALL and THE NIGHT ETERNAL) is terrific. Creepy. Laid on a foundation of horror, plus action, plus gritty cityscape. It’s what would have happened on THE WALKING DEAD if THE WALKING DEAD had started on the day the zombies started taking over.

Guillermo Del Toro is responsible for the movie PAN’S LABYRINTH. If you’ve seen that, you’ll know what to expect. Chuck Hogan wrote the book on which the Ben Affleck crime thriller THE TOWN was based.

A good fun read 🙂

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