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Vampires! Hot dudes! Women in corsets!

Vampire romance is not dead. No matter what they say. Maybe it’s the orgasmic sucking action, or the brooding alpha dudes, or the insta-lust, but it’s a truth universally acknowledged that vampires—the proper bloodthirsty kind, not those sparkling ones—are sexy.

At least, it is on this blog. You in the right place? Excellent. Come in, pull up a chair, have a glass of warm, suspiciously sticky red. Paranormal Unbound is cray-cray edgy and punk-rock and rebellious and all, but sometimes you just have to put on your fake nails and your best Gary Oldman Transylvanian accent and go around declaiming, “I never drink… wine…”

Ready? Cool. There’s a giveaway at the end. Skip to that bit, if you need to go pee or something.

HH 290In my new novella, Hunter’s Heart, the heroine, Colleen, is the vampire. What’s more, she’s a demon hunter. In her world, that’s what respectable vampires do—kind of  ‘dial-a-demon-killer’, to protect the weaker human race from getting their souls sucked down to hell.

Naturally, the hero, Seth, is a demon. A shadow-demon prince, no less, on a mission to kill Colleen and steal her tasty vampire magic, in order to fuel his revenge kick against the sadistic demon queen who keeps him in slavery. Seth wants freedom, and no smokin’-hot vamp lady with a knife fetish is going to stop him, because he’s baaaad-ass! Right?

Swords clash. Spells glitter. Sparks fly. Hot smexxin’ happens. Traitors, greasy hell-monsters, evil demon empresses. You want ’em, we got ’em.

So yeah. Hunter’s Heart. A good, old-fashioned demon-hunting vampire romance. With a sexy corseted redhead on the cover.

You know you want one. So the link is here. Go feed it cookies! Or add it on Goodreads!

To celebrate the coolness that is VAMPIRES—oyy!—I’m throwing a little giveaway today (until Friday, or thereabouts).

Drop me a comment and tell me: who’s your lamest, most pathetic, most hated TV, movie or book vampire? The one you despise above all others. The one you wish would just stagger into the sunlight and DIE. Because, y’know. We could talk about who’s the hottest… but then we’d just be a cliché 🙂

And yes, you’re allowed to say Edward Cullen. Sorry, Eddie. I know you get it in the face a lot. But hey, if you’re lame, you’re lame.

I’ll pick two winners, who’ll each get a nice shiny Kindle copy of my vampire short story Hunter’s Blood, which comes first in the series. Yay! Giveaway ends Friday, or some time like that.

**EDIT: Thanks for playing, everyone! The 2 winners of Hunter’s Blood (chosen by the wonder of randomness) are Phyllis Marshall and Lara McGill. Yay! I’ll drop you guys an email.**

9 thoughts on “Vampires! Hot dudes! Women in corsets!

  1. I couldn’t find a vampire movie or show I truly hated. I love them all, from cheesy to gory. Your book sounds awesome (added to my TBR list), and nice choice in name for the heroine. There should be more Colleens (or Coleens – even better) in the book realm. 🙂

  2. Phyllis, I’d forgotten about Blade. But maybe that’s a good thing. My final vote has to be for Edward…no melodrama queen is going to be a realistic top-of-the-line predator. At least, not in my universe.

    • You’re right, Kira. Anita needs to get Asher some therapy. Preferably someone who knows something about the undead and who also has experience doing therapy with victims of wars, accidents, and PTSD.

  3. Ha ha! A couple of votes for Eddie Cullen – but I agree that the Volturi were also quite lame. Sigh. Well, I guess you can never please everyone…

    And DUDE. I love Blade. In a cheesy, no-way, this-is-really-stupid kind of way…

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