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Let’s chat about flawed heroes

When I realized I was schedule for a Paranormal Unbound conversation today and didn’t have an interview, I decided to have a conversation with Twitter and Facebook.  I’ve been thinking about a particular character of mine, and his flaws, and the actions it drives him to. So I asked this:

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 6.48.24 PM
I got a ton of fascinating responses, and you can see the whole thing here:
(Sorry I couldn’t embed them–apparently doesn’t support that anymore.)
So what do you think?  What flaws are off limits? What makes a character beyond redemption?

5 thoughts on “Let’s chat about flawed heroes

  1. I love flawed characters. I think the flaws that are off limits are rapists and people who hurt animals and children.
    I love all the responses that you received.

  2. I think flaws are a necessity! Redemption is such a key to the flawed hero, and I don’t think people ever get tired of it. Are any flaws off-limits? I don’t think so. Readers will forgive almost anything as long as the flaw is regretted or redeemable.

    • I agree with you Suzanne! One of the comments I liked best was from Nix at Scorching Reviews. She was very pragmatic–maybe you COULD forgive a hero anything, but many roads to redemption are too long to fit in a novel.

  3. A perfect hero is boring, so yes, add a few flaws. There is a fine line between alpha hero and a$$hero, and I can’t forgive a hero who crosses that line for me. The one who doesn’t take no for an answer, who keep pushing and downtalking the heroine. Only to regret his actions when she finally walks away. Nope. He won’t change.

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