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It’s Wednesday, and that means Books by Unbound Authors Day. Hence, behold SCORCHED, my new urban fantasy novel! Stroke it! Admire it! Feed it cookies!

Done that? Great. You’ll get a chance to win a copy at the end – so just scroll to that bit now, if you need to go pee or something.

Scorched_smMoving on: is this cover brilliant or what? It’s from the good folks at HarperImpulseUK. I couldn’t have asked for better. It really captures the dark, action atmosphere I was aiming for.

What’s the story, you ask? Here’s the blurbage:

In a world where everyone wears a mask, you can’t trust anyone… not even yourself.

Verity Fortune was once Sapphire City’s top crime-fighter, wielding her powers of telekinesis to battle the city’s most despicable villains. Now, she’s consumed by a single burning desire: revenge. Against those who took away her mask, her memory, and nearly her life.

Having escaped from the asylum they left her to rot in, Verity dons her mask once again and becomes the Seeker, a vigilante warrior for truth. But when she unwittingly uncovers an evil conspiracy deep within her own family, she’s suddenly on the run, alone and hunted by those she thought were on her side…

Nice, eh? Conspiracies, villains, cool superpowers. What more could you ask? It even has a little romance.

My initial inspiration for SCORCHED was just an image. I had this vision of a woman trapped in an old-school lunatic asylum, her memories being systematically shattered. What happened to her? Who is trying to make her forget the truth… and what is it?

So Verity, my telekinetic crime-fighting heroine, was born. She’s suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of her archenemy, a cruel and lurid villain called Razorfire who’s trying to drive her mad. Now, she’s escaped, and she wants revenge… but nothing is what it seems, including Verity herself. Is anything she remembers real? What truly happened the night she was captured… and what does Razorfire want in return for the truth?

She meets new friends—and new enemies along the way, including some cool (if I may say so) villains, and a shadowy, mind-reading enigma of a dude called Glimmer, who challenges her ideas of good and evil and what it means to be a hero.

So, yeah. Action and adventure, with lashings of dark conspiracy and romance. I think it’s dead cool. I hope you do too!

Before we get to the giveaway (yeah, okay, we’re getting there, all right?) here’s  the obligatory Goodreads link. Add to your precious heart’s content. Much appreciated!

Right. So who wants to try one? Leave me a comment here and the wonder of randomness will pick two lucky folks to win an e-copy of SCORCHED. Giveaway ends on Saturday.

Just answer me this (and make sure you leave your email addy!): if you could have any superpower, what would it be—and what would you do with it?

20 thoughts on “Superheroes!

  1. Just today I was wondering whether anyone else had a story with a place called Sapphire City, and here you are…

    I like the cover and concept.

  2. Congratulations with the new release Erica, it does sound just like something I would love to read. I have added it to my Goodreads want to read list. The cover sure is gorgeous! Will it be out in print as well?

  3. Congrats on the release. It sounds fantastic, has everything you could love in a book.
    I would love to control the elements. It could be used for good, stopping floods, fires and other elemental catastrophes. Plus I could make a hot day cool and nice beach days. 🙂


  4. Super powers I’d like are telepathy and healing. This story looks great. Adding it to my TBR pile. Thanks for the giveaway!

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