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A Vampire and a Human Walk Into a Bar…

Hunter by Night cover and review quote: Brilliantly Written(psst! There’s a giveaway at the bottom of this page!)

Meet Lee and Alexia: Their story started three books ago, at the beginning of my Chronicles of Yavn series, with King of Darkness. The king of Lee’s kind walked into (okay, it was a warehouse rave not a bar, but that just doesn’t roll off the tongue the same way now does it?) looking for his destined queen. Alexia was the hard-living party girl hiding out in electronic music scene, who happened to be the future vampire-queen’s best friend. Lee was the vampire king’s commander and right hand man.

She sees him. He sees her. Circumstances dictate that they’ll be spending a looot of time together. How meet-cute can you get, right?

Except for the fact that they hated each other on sight. She’s human and he doesn’t like humans. He’s a self-important jerkface and she doesn’t like self-important jerkfaces.

Hey, nobody’s perfect.

They had a lot of baggage to work through. Seven hundred years, nasty treatment by the human race, and an inability to see the sun makes a guy cranky. Alexia had a rough hand dealt to her in her short life, as well. Turns out though, that when they finally reached the critical point where they were probably going to either kill each other or get naked, they made the wise choice.

At least, I like to think they did. 😉

Hunter by Night teaser: Do you feel what I'm feeling, Lexi?

About Hunter by Night: 

A supernatural war is about to ignite a scorching hot romance

Lee protects his vampire race, and hates humans as much as the enemies he kills. Just as he’s assessing new recruits to join the vampire king’s army, all hell breaks loose. The estate’s security system fails, evil is heading their way, and human-hating Lee is stuck protecting Alexia, the queen’s human best friend. But as dangerous obstacles force Alexia and Lee closer, an undeniable attraction is revealed, and the two must find a way to compromise.

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She leaned close to avoid being heard by all the sensitive ears in the room. “We’re out of the literal and metaphorical woods. You can get blood from anyone. I thought drinking human blood was, like, worse than licking bat guano off a wizard’s shoe.”

The softness of his laugh shimmied straight down her spine. Dear merciful Lord. “I don’t claim to understand.” His lips feathered against her ear. “In the cave, the pain abated when I drank from you.” He pushed closer, his breath soft and hot. “Nothing has eased it in a long time. No one. Whatever this… problem… is, drinking from you eased the pain. It’s the one thing I know for certain.”

Oh, hell. Only her blood? Talk about making a gal melt in the weirdest way possible. She wanted to be all snarky and make him beg or apologize or something, but fuckballs, that was the most beautiful thing ever. Besides, she wanted to ease his hurt more than she wanted to get even.

Alexia glanced around and pulled him into an empty room next to the nurse’s station. To be safe, she locked the door and pulled the curtain thingy. Two comfy chairs sat by the hospital bed. She tugged one close and offered her wrist. It seemed the fastest way, and this was urgent.

The strike of his fangs hardly surprised her this time. Much like a tattoo or a piercing, you got used to the pinch. Isabel had drunk from her a few times when they’d first become friends, but that had been different. That hadn’t been a two-hundred-and-whatever-pound vampire male in a desperate amount of pain.

Oh, holy… Wow.

The relief was amazing. Fireworks and dynamite. The pressure flowed out of her along with the blood. What rushed in to take its place, though, was a disturbing sense of rightness. In giving herself to him in a way she had never wanted to give to anyone. Somehow her other arm wound around his neck, and either he didn’t notice or he didn’t actually mind. It’s just the blood, like he said before.

But then his fingers crept into her hair. Her body slid down into the large, comfy chair. Lee pressed closer, on his knees now in front of her, her arm held aloft by his efforts as he lapped at her wrist. His tongue trailed down her arm to catch a wayward drip. On his knees with his long legs, Lee’s pelvis pressed against hers through their pants, his erection hard and thick and throwing off heat.

Alexia couldn’t stop herself from wrapping her legs around his waist and bringing him closer. Her hand grasped his free arm, which had moved from the chair to her leg. Their fingers laced together.

Lee’s groan vibrated against her wrist.

A knock sounded at the door.

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10 thoughts on “A Vampire and a Human Walk Into a Bar…

  1. It has been so exciting watching those two through the series! They are so entertaining! Finally a whole book for them!

  2. I had this book on Pre-Order as soon as it went up!!!! It’s what I am doing this weekend and you know how long I have been waiting for Lexi and Lee’s book, Elisabeth!!! I’m on cloud 9 here!!!! Don’t enter me in the Giveaway….I’d rather someone else get this book to indulge in!

  3. Wow! Hot excerpt! Definitely looking forward to reading this story. I’m a Paranormal Unbound follower too.

    lizsemkiu at gmail dot com

  4. I just found your blog from AJ Larrieu’s home page and saw this post. I loved the first two books. In fact, I wrote an Amazon review on the second (virgin hero for the win! LOL). I’d love to win a copy of Hunter by Night. Just subscribed to the blog also.

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