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What we’re reading – aka Look what I found in my Kindle!

Lisa Kessler here!

These days I read everything on my Kindle or my phone. The last time I opened a paperback it was to judge RITA books at the beginning of the year.

But recently I’ve discovered some new about my reading… Because I don’t have a pretty book sitting on my shelf saying “Read me”, I buy books for my kindle and then forget they’re waiting for me!  *gasp*

night-broken-mercy-thompson-patricia-briggs So while I wanted to get started on NIGHT BROKEN by Patricia Briggs, I discovered I also had THE RISING from Kelley Armstrong that I’d forgotten about… There it sat hidden inside my kindle!  *gasp*

What’s a girl to do, right?

I compromised. I’m reading NIGHT BROKEN on my Kindle and THE RISING on my phone.

In the age of technology, have you discovered you put books in your eReader and then forget they’re there? I did some quick flipping through the pages and found some more gems I want to read next that I completely forgot I bought! LOL

Am I the only one? Anyone out there have any tips to be sure you read all the awesome books shelved away in your Kindle? 🙂


As far as the books go, I’m loving both of them and feeling super indulgent to be reading both books at once! LOL


Kelley Armstrong and Patricia Briggs are two of my favorite authors these days, so getting to read both of them at once is SUPER fun! 🙂


I’ll be watching the comments for your tips…  Until then, finding lost book treasures on my kindle is pretty fun! 🙂


8 thoughts on “What we’re reading – aka Look what I found in my Kindle!

  1. I do this all the time!

    My husband laughs when I get excited when I find something on my kindle that I forgot about. I buy way more than I read right now, so this happens a lot. lol

    • I’m so glad it’s not just me!!! Yikes! LOL

      And I was that excited person! Wow! Two unread books by two of my favorite authors… SCORE! 😀

      Thanks for commenting Stacey!

  2. I have the same problem. I wish there was a way to create more bookshelves in the Kindle program. Absolutely love Patricia Briggs and Kelley Armstrong.

    • You’ve got great taste Liz! LOL 😀

      Oh I wish there were more bookshelf options on my kindle too… Right now I just have one for already read books and I move them as I finish, but I need more so I don’t “lose” and forget I’ve got them to read… 🙂

      I’m relieved to hear it’s not just me this happens to! LOL Thanks for commenting!

  3. Not only do I forget to read a book and get excited when I ‘find’ it on my Nook, sometimes if I forget to review or rate a book I will forget that I already read it. I will read the excerpt for it and think that is sounds interesting, only to realize about a chapter or so in that I know exactly what is coming and how it ends.

    • Ha! Okay I haven’t done that yet, but I’m pretty sure the only reason that hasn’t happened is that I move them to my “Finished” shelf on my Kindle after I read it… I know I’ve tried to buy books over again and then I get the message that I already purchased it! LOL Yeesh! 🙂 Thanks for commenting Melissa! 🙂

  4. I don’t consider myself an A-type (really, I don’t) but I have all my kindle books categorized on my kindle (para short, para long, contemporary short, etc), then I also have a spreadsheet on my computer where I have name, author, # of pages, genre, and Goodreads rating. These two things are supposed to help me track what I’ve read and what I want to read next. If I was truly an A-type this would work. So far, lets just say, I’m still trying.

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