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What We’re Read– Uh, Watching. The Streaming Media Marathon Edition

So I haven’t watched television regularly since college. Busy jobs, and then kids made getting into many shows difficult. And usually, I’d really rather read.

But check it out. There’s this not so new thing called streaming video. Hey! I may have been late to the party, but a few bouts of sick kids (or sick self) and I’ve barrelled through all sort of fun brain candy. It’s a nice change of pace once in awhile, especially when I’m too tired to hold a book.

So I thought I’d trot out a few of my recent favorites, in case anybody else has been missing out like I had.

The Dresden Files – Professional wizard-slash-police consultant tries to help those in need, while ducking a dark secret from his past (as all good heroes are). His sidekick is a dryly humorous ghost in a skull, and Dresden’s weapon of choice appears to be a supercharged hockey stick. I’m utterly disappointed that this show only lasted for a single season. Based on the series of novels by Jim Butcher with the same name, I was left wondering why I hadn’t read any of this guy’s books yet.

Lost Girl – succubus who doesn’t know who or what she is teams up with a sassy human, and together they take on the forces of light and dark while searching for the answers to… wait for it…dark secrets about her past. The show is funny, sexy, and sometimes plain old weird (last season, George Takei played a giant snake–but he totally sold it).

True Blood – Vampires, and fairies, and werewolves, and… well, all sorts of stuff, really. I put off watching this one for a long time. I guess it was worrying the show wouldn’t live up to all the hype? Maybe because I hadn’t read the books? Maybe I’d smoked too much crack. Boy, was I ever missing out. I still haven’t read the books, and I’m told the show deviates like crazy, but I still loved the show – it was sexy, twisted, and all kinds of wrong. In the good way. Plus, every time Eric Northman took his shirt off, an angel got its wings.

But listen folks, I haven’t seen season seven yet – I heard some upsetting things happened, and if you spoil it for me you are no friend of mine. Just saying.

So while I’m waiting for the final season of True Blood to release on video, what are some other good series recommendations? I feel a case of the sniffles coming on, and I may need something to keep my spirits up.

4 thoughts on “What We’re Read– Uh, Watching. The Streaming Media Marathon Edition

  1. Oh, I do so heart Dresden! That’s my favorite urban fantasy series, bar none. Read it! The one season of the show was fun, but didn’t touch the books (of course). I watched one season of True Blood but, being a fan of the books, it was so different that I had trouble getting into it. Although, ahem, I did watch some Eric Northman highlights on YouTube and you’re right about the angels.

    My streaming video project, as soon as I find time to be “sick,” is Game of Thrones. I’ve already downloaded Season 1 and am just trying to find time to watch!

    • I think for all of these series it was good I didn’t read the books first or I might not have enjoyed them as much – I have no doubt you’re right about the books being better. I am SO looking forward to digging into the Butcher novels.

      I’ve been holding off on watching Game of Thrones because I heard it got pretty intense, but then again that didn’t keep me from watching Spartacus (I’m pretty sure season three was just one long bloodbath with occasional dialogue) and people do seem to love the show, so I’m betting I’ll watch it sooner or later.

      And yes, let’s hear it for the angels. 😉

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