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What we’re reading: Magic Bites

magic-bitesYes, I must stand up and admit it. I am the last person in the known universe to have not read the Kate Daniels series, that paragon of paranormal by the husband-wife team of Gordon and Ilona Andrews. My blog readers are all mad about Curran, but I’m behind with all my favorite series. How could I possibly start another one.

Another shameful admission, as this seems to be the day for it. I’ve tried to start the series at least twice before and stalled out about twenty or thirty pages in. Now, don’t read anything into that. It took me four tries to really get into Kim Harrison’s Hollows series, which went on to become one of my All Time Favorite urban fantasy series despite her committing an Unforgiveable Act in book five, or at least I think it was five. If you’re a Hollows fan, you know whereof I speak. Ditto with the Southern Vampires (aka Sookie Stackhouse) series by Charlaine Harris. Took me at least four times to make it through the first book, then I devoured them until about book nine, when I kind of stalled on them again.

So, I’m about at the 50 percent mark of Kate Daniels book one, Magic Bites, and once I pushed past that fatal page 30 hurdle, I started getting into it. Now I’m annoyed that I have other books claiming my time–you know, like the one that’s due to my editor in mid-October–so I can’t just dive into it and finish it in a sitting.

Observations so far: I’m fascinated by the worldbuilding, primarily because I’m halfway through the book and I still don’t have a freaking clue how it works. There’s tech and there’s magic, and when magic flares tech doesn’t work. But not much else is clear, including how the world came to be this way. There are the People and the Pack, and some Knights, but it’s not really clear who is what or why or what their endgame is. It’s an interesting take on “don’t tell the reader any more than he or she needs to know” writing methodology in that it’s pretty extreme and I think is probably why I stalled out the first few times. As a reader I’m being asked to take a lot on faith, that all will be revealed in time for me to have it when I need it.

Yeah, I know, I’m approaching it like an author and not a reader. Occupational hazard, I’m afraid.

Curran. Oh yeah, baby. I can see where he’s going to Trouble with Claws. He’s arrogant, powerful, and dangerous, and therefore everything we love in an alpha male.

Kate’s pretty cool. She hasn’t totally won me over yet; I like a few vulnerabilities with my kickass heroines and she’s been all kickass and no softness yet. I see hints that it’s coming though, so I have high hopes for her.

All in all, I think I’m going to enjoy this series. What think you?

4 thoughts on “What we’re reading: Magic Bites

  1. This is an awesome series. The dynamics between Kate and Curran evolve tremendously. You won’t be disappointed. The world building also develops and you will learn how this came to be. Stick with the series. Book 4 is pivotal. Absolutely one of my favorite series!

  2. I am glad you are enjoying this series Suzanne. Ilona herself has said before that the first book is not really good, you should just start with book 2 in the series. Some books that I give a second chance end up being all time favourite series.

  3. This is my favorite series, although I’ve heard that many people find it hard to get into book 1. I had previously started with the Andrews’ Edge series, which is more PNR, and loved it, so I had no problem getting right into Kate Daniels. She does come off pretty hardcore in the first book, but as the series goes on, she becomes much more rounded. The supporting cast is great also.

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