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A Chat With Mina Vaughn

Hello Paranormal Unbounders!

I have a special treat for you for Black Friday. Take a little shopping break and enjoy this interview with the fabulous Mina Vaughn! Mina returns to our blog to chat about all things paranormal and more. Then wander over to her first visit with us to read an excerpt from her humorous, paranormal, BDSM erotic novel, How To Discipline Your Vampire.

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Hi Mina! Thanks for visiting with us again. I recently read and loved How To Discipline Your Vampire. What inspired you to blend humor, paranormal and BDSM into one story?
Well, it’s no secret that it originally began as fan fiction, but I think the story for me formed when I got tired of all these alphas. I wanted to see one put in his place! And the thought of a vampire submissive tickled me so much I just had to go for it.

In your novel, your sexy vampire possesses super strength and speed. If you could have a paranormal power, what would you wish for?
The ability to stretch time. I need more time to write, to relax, to shop! Enough of these tedious things like work, sleep and working out. 😉

Both of your characters — the tough Domme and her vampire submissive – have some interesting and endearing quirks. (sorry readers: no spoilers here). Can you tell us a bit about how you developed these characters?
I wanted Cerise to be flawed but strong. I wanted a heroine I could get behind and root for, someone who knows what she wants and goes and gets it. As for a hero, I didn’t want anyone too broody or dark. Even though William is a vampire, I wanted him to be honest and open.

Can you share with us what you’re currently working on? More vampires, or…?
How to Punish Your Playboy is about a pin up girl and a sexy restaurateur…sorry, no paranormal there! But hotness, oh yes.

What do you love most about the genres in which you write?
I love that regardless of its genre, I write strong heroines. Whether she’s paired with a vamp or a rock star, my girls are badass and I hope they empower women to get on top. 🙂

Do you have a favorite paranormal creature?
I can’t help it, I’ve always been a vamp girl. Starting with The Lost Boys, to Buffy and Angel (AND SPIKE), I just love them.

Favorite paranormal TV show? BUFFY!!!!!!

What’s on your TBR list these days?
I can’t wait to read The King by Tiffany Reisz and Saving Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia

When you’re not writing kickass fiction, what do you do for fun?
Working out, playing with makeup, and enjoying going out with my girlfriends.

Lastly, just for fun:

Vampire Diaries or True Blood? True Blood
Coffee or tea? Tea
Cats or dogs? Dogs
Sweet or salty? Sweet!
Beach or mountains? Beach
City or country? City
Chocolate, milk or dark? Milk
Tattoos or Piercings? Tatts


Kink with a wink! Mina Vaughn is an international woman of mystery and a shoe whore with a heart of gold. When she’s not writing her unique brand of silly smut, she’s plundering Sephora for any pin up girl makeup she can find. Mina’s debut novel, an erotic comedy entitled How to Discipline Your Vampire is about a punishment-seeking vampire who meets a quirky Domme with a serious role play fetish, available now from Simon and Schuster’s Pocket Star. | Barnes & Noble

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